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Why choose equipment with the Second Spine® Technology?


The Second Spine® Technology is designed to allow the anatomical mapping of the patient's spinal curvatures. This unique and patented technology allows passive correction of the spine in a seated position. It allows you to consolidate the correct pattern sitting position and supports the entire length of the back to reduce the pressure on the individual vertebrae. The Second Spine® Technology enables progress in the rehabilitation process.


Head and Neck Stabilisation

There are five vital organs essential for survival. These are the brain, kidneys, lungs and liver. The brain is the body’s control centre; it receives and sends signals to other parts of the body. Carers of children with disabilities pay most attention to the child's head and protect it in every possible way. In order to help their children, they usually seek help from physiotherapists who, through a range of activities try to restore neck control and head stabilisation. In most cases, rehabilitation exercises have the desired result, which needs to be fostered at home during everyday care.


Natural Body Alignment

Reflex response is a basic movement aiming at maintaining upright body position. Static reflexes, also called postural reflexes are responsible for maintaining correct body posture, while statokinetic reflexes, also called simple reflexes are responsible for getting and maintaining upright body position.